Who are we?

We're a brand that's brought to you by the most trusted chain of electronics for over 3 decades, Bajaj Electronics. We're here to present the top-of-the-line products for Audio, Video, Automation, and Security solutions. We bring you globally renowned brands that maintain high standards in delivering the finest of technology.

If you're looking for one place for top-notch Audio, Video, Automation, and Security solutions, we're just the store you need. Explore our products, fall in love with the technology and transform your home into an abode of tech marvels.


What we offer?

Our services don't end at the sale. We take care of planning, installation and training you for the use and applications of our products. Here are all the services we offer:

Smart Home

Taking the art of personalisation to a whole new level. Transform your home into 'Smartly & truly yours.'

Home Cinema

Experience entertainment better than ever at the comfort of your home.

Smart Lighting

Light up your way as we make the technology work for you.


Securing every corner of your home and delivering peace of mind.


Giving you the best of connectivity, we install a secure and state-of-the-art network system for your home.

Multi-room Audio

With a multi-room audio setup, you're never away from the best of high fidelity sound.


Control the amount of light entering your home, at the time you want, with smart blinds.

Our process

Planning makes things easier. We follow a precise process for every project we handle. Especially when it comes to adding tech to home, there needs to be an accurate analysis of 'what to do'. Here's our process to execute a project:

Site Survey

A survey helps us find various perspectives to derive personalised solutions for your space.

Solution Designing

Using the analysis from the survey, we put together a plan on how to transform your home, just the way you like it.

Client Meeting

We will arrange a meeting with you to explain all the changes and additions required.


Once you're satisfied with the changes and modifying the plans to meet your needs, we'll begin the execution.

Project Execution

We're all about deriving a detailed and accurate outcome. Our technicians will execute the project with dedication and 100% support.