Home Automation | August 26, 2022

Introducing: all new smart lighting by Audio & Beyond

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Do you often feel irritated with the recurring task of manually changing, adjusting, and controlling your smart devices?

Well, gone are those days! From controlling the lighting to adjusting the thermostat, you can now adjust your lifestyle just the way you want. With our home automation systems, you can witness the extreme lengths of personalization of a home.

Our contemporary lighting comes with a modern, new, and sophisticated design that you'll love in every room of your house. The chic backlit engraving directly shows if a door is unlocked or ajar and if the lights are on in the other house areas. These power buttons simplify interaction, and with the choice of over ten exclusive finishes, various options will beautifully complement any decor and style.

Our smart lighting goes far beyond dimmable bulbs and beautiful switches. Now, you never have to return home to a dark house ever again. In fact, you'll be able to create an illusion of living in the place even when you are away, with lights that automatically turn on and off whenever they should.

Our all-new contemporary lighting provides many more features such as:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Safety and security
  • Simultaneous control over various smart products

Get ready to be amazed with a simple click:

1. Effortless start

Without the hassle of searching an app and then your favorite playlist on it, a keypad can now start your favorite music in the room of your choice!

2. Choose playlists of your choice

Different moods call for different music. With some creative programming at our end, you can now switch between playlists with a colored light indicating what you've selected.

3. Easy volume control

Gone are the days of rotary manual volume controls. You can now adjust your audio system's volume with a sleek and modern keypad!

4. Uninterrupted calls

Are you working from home these days?

Now, a tap is all you need to attend that sudden meeting! Simply click a button that pauses the music or TV when in a rush. This surely beats fumbling with any other device when you only have moments to catch that call!

5. Automated timer

There are times when a timer comes in handy. Whether you are cooking or have a meeting to attend, a keypad button can start the timer while you are occupied with the ongoing task. Set pre-determined timers on the go of say 1, 5, or even 10-15 minutes with changing LED lights that indicate the time duration.

6. Quick status check

Never again leave the bed to check if you've closed a door. The light on your keypad can illuminate green when the door is closed and red when it's ajar. You'll know the door's status at a glance, and you can even close it with a simple button tap.

7. Vacation mode to the rescue

There's a lot to keep in mind when leaving for vacation, isn't it? So let our "Vacation" button do the work. It can arm the alarm, set an adequate temperature, and turn off all the lights as you walk out the door.

Double-tap the same button to return to the regular operation when you return home. Yes, it's that easy!

8. Goodnight, home

Don't you hate it when forced to roam your house at night, turning things off like some character out of a horror film?

However, with our smart lighting and home automation system, you can instantly turn off all the lights, shut off all TVs and music, lock all the doors, set the alarm, lower window shades, and even start rain sounds playing in your bedroom; with a single button press! That's one powerful button, isn't it?

So contact us now and experience the magic of personalization in your house today!