Home Theater | January 21, 2023

Common Mistakes in Home Theater You Should Avoid

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Installing a home theatre system is a simple task. Connect a few speakers, a projector and screen, and comfortable seating, and you're ready to go. However, you want to recreate the theatre experience truly. In that case, it takes a lot of planning to create a home theatre design that reflects your personality while providing the best audio and video. With the proper foundation, you can achieve a satisfactory installation. Continue reading to learn how to avoid these common theatre design blunders.

Wrong location: Always place your theatre in a dedicated room with optimal lighting and acoustics. Avoid areas with many windows, as this may cause glare on the screen. A carpeted room with soft walls to absorb sound should be preferred. In a professional installation, you can compensate for some issues with blackout shades and acoustic treatments.

Wrong Screen Size: Most homeowners believe that a more prominent display is preferable. While this is generally true, a wall-mounted TV or projector screen can cause more harm than good if it is not installed at the proper viewing distance from your seating area. For a widescreen cinema experience, you should sit 1.5 to 3 times the screen height away from your display.

Not Investing in High-Performance Speakers: Soundbars are a better option than relying solely on TV speakers; they are unsuitable for home cinemas. Soundbars cannot replicate the same quality as commercial theatres. If you buy speakers, ensure they are designed for home theatres, or your money will be wasted.

Poor room acoustics: Even if you have high-quality speakers, you may not get the most out of your home theatre sound system if your room's acoustics are poor. The objects and surfaces in your home theatre or media room significantly impact how you hear sound from your speakers. Rugged, bare surfaces produce painful echoes, whereas plush surfaces absorb thin sounds. To balance and enhance the audio in your Common Mistakes in Home Theater You Should Avoid 2 home theatre or media room, acoustic treatments must be appropriately designed and installed.

Hiding Speakers Behind Furniture: You should avoid dealing with unsightly electronics while enjoying the immersive sound. Many homeowners attempt to overcome this design challenge by concealing speakers behind furniture or plants, which can muffle your surround sound. Instead, choose in-ceiling and in-wall speakers hidden from view while maintaining high quality

The bottom line: Avoid these blunders and improve your home theatre design. When you work with Audio & Beyond, we will assist you in selecting and installing the best components for your home theatre.